Prayer for our Community, the Church and our World

Resources Needed:

  • A slide/ piece of paper with the different things that you would like people to pray for
  • Masking tape- coloured preferably


Tape on the floor a box that is big enough for a few people to stand inside and tape a number in the centre. Repeat until you have the same amount of boxes as things that you would like people to pray for on the slide/paper. I did 12 different things. Make a numbered list on the slide/paper of the prayer points for the congregation. On your list either use colour or bold/italics to make clear the different sections of the list- prayers for the community, the Church and the World. You could make the coloured tape on the floor the same as on your list.

Here was my slide:

  1. People you know who don’t know Jesus
  2. Friends
  3. Family
  4. Your workplace
  5. The church, especially the persecuted church
  6. The Cathedral, Zone2 and churches in Liverpool
  7. The poor
  8. Governments and leaders
  9. Prisoners
  10. Sick, injured and dying
  11. The environment

Give people time to go around the numbers praying for the different things. I gave people approximately 10 minutes to pray for the different things without telling them when to move on, but you could signal when people should move to another numbered box. Either you could ask the congregation to go to one box of each section, the few boxes closest to their seats or if you have time to hopscotch their way through them. Adults should help children who find reading difficult. If your congregation is large, then you could ask children to physically go to the numbers and adults to stay in their seats.