The 5 Senses of Christmas

Resources Needed:

Objects connected to each sense e.g.

  • Sight- Christmas lights
  • Sound- A speaker playing Christmas music e.g. carols or the Calypso carol
  • Touch- Decorations e.g. ones that are tactile are best – tinsel
  • Smell- Scented candles (and a lighter/matches)
  • Taste- Mince Pies

Ask the congregation to break out into 5 groups and engage with the objects. Below are examples of prayers you could use in connection with each sense in relation to Christmas. This intercession could be used for other festivals/themes.

Look at the Christmas lights. At Christmas time there are lots of beautiful decorations and stunning landscapes to admire. Let’s thank God in our hearts for the memories of the sights of Christmas. Let’s pray for those who do not see the beauty of Christmas because of war, famine, drought, loneliness, sickness or fear. There is the expectation of presents and smiling faces from family and friends as we enjoy spending time together. Please pray for those who will not get a present or see their family and friends this Christmas.

Listen to the sounds of Christmas. Christmas is when many of our favourite songs are sung and played on repeat. We hear sleigh bells, Mariah Carey and carols. We hear the sound of donkeys, sheep, camels then a baby crying in the nativity- and that is just in the audience! Lord thank you for all the special sounds and songs of Christmas. Thank you that they remind us that Mary’s boy-child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day, and man will live forevermore because of Christmas day.

Smell the different things on the table. As you smell, think does this trigger some happy memories? Does this inspire ideas for some new ones? Imagine the smell of the gifts Jesus received from the wise men- gold, frankincense and myrrh. Lord thank you for the lovely smells of Christmas. Christmas reminds me of the smell of food cooking in the kitchen and a Christmas tree in the living room. Lord be with those who do not have enough to eat, who cannot afford the things we in the UK have at Christmas time. Lord be with those who do not have a home to celebrate in or only have a jail cell this Christmas.

Touch the different decorations on the table. Heavenly Father, thank you that as we can touch the Christmas decorations and it reminds us of Christmas, you can touch our hearts today to remind us of why Christmas is important. Please be close to us this Christmas so we feel your presence during the good times and the hard times. Let us, our friends and our families feel the touch of your Holy Spirit opening hearts to receive the greatest gift of all this Christmas- your son Jesus Christ.

Let us taste and see that the Lord is good by eating a little of what is on the table. What we eat sustains us and brings us joy and happiness. Thank you Lord for your provision of food and water to our country and you sustain us daily. Lord we think of those who help to make the food that we eat and ask a blessing on them. We ask that you will make the land fertile and help us to avoid wasting what they have planted and harvested. We pray for those who package, transport and sell us our food that they will be blessed this year. Let us be a part of a fair system that is gracious and loving and works for the good of all.