A Fresh Start

Resources Needed:

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How many of you made New Year Resolutions this year? How many of them included eating less junk food, doing more exercise or generally just being a bit more healthy?

The new year is traditionally seen as a time for fresh starts. All the way through Christmas we are bombarded with images of beautiful, rich Christmas food and then we hit January and suddenly the TV ads and the supermarkets are full of detoxes, salads and gym equipment!

But there is definitely something good about the idea of turning over a new leaf at the start of a new year. So as we begin our service today let’s take a moment to be quiet and bring to God anything that we know that we have done that has hurt him, ourselves or others.


Lord God thank you that you offer us a fresh start whenever we return to you. As we begin this new year we bring before you the things that we have said, thought and done that have offended you. Thank you that when we confess our mistakes you offer us a fresh start. Amen.