A Lasting Lent

During Lent we often give thing up or start doing something new but how long does it last? This station explores how we can make the attitudes and actions of lent part of our everyday living.

Resources Needed:

  • Printed information/fliers/booklets about charities working with disadvantaged people – choose some local and some from further abroad.
  • Printed instructions.


Lent is traditionally associated with giving things up, only to return to ‘life as normal’ at Easter.

Is there a way of making Lent make a difference beyond this?

What harmful habits and actions could we give up for good?

What might we take up?

Is there a particular charity that inspires you? Spend a few moments looking at the information provided and see if anything jumps out at you.

Why not start with a simple action for the week ahead that will make a difference to your life and to the lives of other people?

What can you do beyond Easter to make sure that the spirit of Lent continues to affect the way that you live?