A Lentern Fast

Resources Needed:

  • Printed Reflection
  • Pens


Print as many copies of the following reflection as you need for your congregation:

When we think of fasting during lent we often think of giving up chocolate, cakes or certain types of food. Sometime it can just feel like a pre-Easter diet!
The bible tells us that fasting is really important and powerful. And it’s not just about giving things up but about replacing those with something that brings us closer to God.

This year our lentern fast could be:

fast from discontent… feast on gratitude.

fast from complaining… feast on appreciation.

fast from self concern… feast on compassion for others.

fast from discouragement… feast on hope.

fast from worrying … feast on prayer that sustains.

Choose one of these that speaks to you… or write your own at the end of the list


How will you choose to mark Lent this year?