A Miraculous Catch – Cast Your Net

This station follows the talk “A Miraculous Catch

Resources Needed:

  • Printed reflections (see below)
  • A net (you can buy garden netting in most DIY shops.)


This is a reflective station in two parts. You can do it as a table based reflection (using a small piece of net on each table if you like or have space set aside with beanbags or cushions and a larger net.

Reflection 1:

Jesus asks the disciples,
“Friends, haven’t you caught any fish?” “No,” they answered.

Life feels like this sometimes.
You’re trying your best to do the right thing and putting loads of effort and time in and still nothing is happening. You don’t feel like you’re succeeding.

Look at the net laid out next to you and think about a situation that you’ve faced in which you felt a bit like the disciples might have after fishing all night
Sometimes it’s hard to admit that something isn’t working out as you thought it would do.

But God says we’re safe to bring our struggles and failures to him. Spend some time with him now.

Reflection 2:

Imagine being told to simply try placing the nets on the other side of the boat, after a long cold night fishing and not catching a bite.

How would it feel?

Sometimes God tells us to “re-cast our nets” in the midst of a frustrating and fruitless situation, and we think “how on earth can that work?”

Think about the problem you had in mind in the first part of this activity. How might recasting your net look for you own problem?

Take a moment to pray and to ask God what he wants you to do next. Trust him. Listen and do what he says.