A Miraculous Catch – Giving Back To God

This station follows the talk “A Miraculous Catch

Resources Needed:

  • Paper fish cutouts (google “fish colouring outline” for a basic shape)
  • Pens/Felt Tips
  • Coloured paper or tissue paper
  • GlueScissors
  • Printed Instructions
  • A barbeque (not lit!)


When the disciples get back to the beach, Jesus already has fish cooking for breakfast. Then he invites them to add their recent catch of fish.

We are invited to offer him our skills, talents, time, money, energy and passion.

Decorate a fish. Write or draw something on the back of your fish that reminds you of something that God given to you that you might want to bring back to him.

Then place it on the BBQ as an act of offering it back to Jesus.