Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Red Carpet

This station originally followed the talk Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Resources Needed:

  • Red napkins, one per person
  • Felt tip pens
  • Bluetack (if room has no carpet – see below)
  • Optional: Palm Crosses for everyone
  • Optional: Powerpoint slide image of red carpet laid out for an important person (search Google images for “Red Carpet” for ideas)


We’ve been thinking about what it was like for the people to lay out their coats on a dirty, dusty road for Jesus to ride over as their king. In our world, a much more usual image for a king or a celebrity to arrive on is a red carpet laid out for them. Today we’re going to create our own red carpet.

Take a napkin for yourself and write your name or initials, or draw a cartoon of yourself. Something so that you know it is yours.

Allow time for people to do that

Now take some time to think about the decision we were looking at in the talk. As we look towards Easter, what does it mean for you to prepare the way in your own life for the risen Jesus, king of all kings to come in?

  • You might like to sit quietly for a few moments, with your napkin in your hands, and think and pray.
  • Or you might like to write a prayer or a few words of response on your napkin.
  • Or you might like to sketch something on the napkin as your response.

[allow a few minutes for the response]

Now I’d like to invite you to bring your offering and together we are going to create a “red carpet” at the front. Put a little blue tack on the back of your napkin to keep it in place (if your meeting room has carpet you won’t need that).

[put your own napkin in place and invite everyone to come and add theirs]

As people return to their table you may like to give them a palm cross to hold during the final prayer and then take home

We finished this part of the service with a simple call and response, shouted rather than said

Leader: Hosanna

All: Saviour

Leader: Hosanna

All: Save us