Acts Of Kindness

This station was used after the talk “Giving Great Gifts

Resources needed:

  • Printed pictures of random acts of kindness (you can find loads of these by searching “acts of kindness” on Google, Tumblr or Pinterest.)
  • Acts of kindness cards (printed cards or slips of paper with one space for each day of the week)
  • Pens
  • Post it notes.


People rarely forget acts of kindness.

Look at the collection of images showing different acts of kindness.
Which ones inspire you? Can you think of any others acts of kindness that you have witnessed that could be added to these? If so, take a post-it note, write it down and add it.

This week choose 7 acts of kindness and try to schedule a day to carry them out.
They don’t have to be random or for a stranger, they can be as simple as doing the washing up without being asked or cooking a nice meal for a friend.