Worship Resources

We’ve collected over 35 full service outlines and over 300 individual worship resources from Zone2, the All Age Café Style congregation at Liverpool Cathedral. You can read the story of Zone2 and see the outline structure of their services here.

Service outlines

Here are example full services using some of the hundreds of individual resources below.

Worship Resources By Category


Taking time at the start of worship to transition from chatting around tables into focussing on God’s presence.


These are usually used together with the Gathering at the start of the service, although sometimes can be included at different times in the service.


Some sample talks. They aim to be genuinely all age, which is a huge challenge but a worthwhile one. They are short (5-10 mins) and then link to Prayer Stations as the second half of the “sermon”.

Prayer Stations

Activities that follow the talk. These give space to reflect further and apply the passage to life. Some care done as ‘Stations’, with several around the room and people choose which to do. Others are ‘Table Based’ activities where every table works together on a single activity.


Some ideas to use in praying for the world in creative ideas ways. Sometimes, especially if there has been a lot of creativity and interaction in other parts of the service, it is better to just lead simple lead prayers from the front. We usually end the intercessions by saying the Lord’s Prayer together.


Most congregations use songs to praise God. At times it’s great to include other types of praise, so here are some ideas for that.