All Over The World

Resources Needed:

  • A computer with a live internet connection.
  • A projector
  • An internet browser open with the following page open:
  • A large sheet of paper with a light bulb outline drawn on it
  • Post it notes
  • Pens


The intercession activity uses a website showing twitter activity as an object lesson about prayer. Use the following explanation (adapted for your congregation):

The tweetping website shows tweets from all over the world appearing in real time. The map starts out a dark blue but each new tweet adds a tiny white light from the place that the tweet originated. You can see that within a minute or so of accessing the site the world starts to light up with thousands of tweets.

Imagine if those tweets were prayers – the bible says that we are the light of the world and I love the idea that in a similar way to which these tweets light up the map our prayers bring light to the places that we live in. Take a few minutes with the people next to you to think about any situations that you feel need God’s light in them.

Write your prayers on a post it note and come an post them in our lightbulb as a sign of asking God to bring his light, through us, to the world.

Conclude by praying the Lord’s Prayer together.