Beautiful Earth

Items needed:


Show the video clip at the start of the service (you might want to mute the video and play different music in the background).

Explain that creation reminds us that there is a creator – and the beauty that we see around us inspires us to worship God.

Allow a space for people to take a moment to think of things in creation that they want to praise God for. Then give some time for them to express that either in silence or out loud

Explain that creation also helps us to think about ourselves. In the same way that mistakes and poor choices pollute and spoil creation, sin can pollute and spoil our lives.

Invite people to spend a moment bringing to God anything that they need to confess, confident that when we do confess God forgives us and restores us.

Close with a prayer of thanks to God.
Ask him to open your hearts to whatever he wants to create as you come to worship him.