Breathe (Confession)


Sit comfortably, relaxed but attentive. Close your eyes

Become aware of your breathing. Become aware of the air as it comes in and goes our through your nostrils

Don’t try to control, or deepen your breathing, just be aware of it.

This air you’re breathing is touched with the power and presence of God.

God who is nearer to us than our own breath

Think of the air as an immense ocean that surrounds you. An ocean coloured with God’s presence and his being.

Take a nice deep breath and hold it…

As you breathe in, receive from God. Breathe in his love, his peace, his joy, his goodness

Now breathe out…

We breathe out impurities. Breathe out all that you wish to release to God: Your fears. Your failures.

Breathe out hate – Breathe in His love

Breathe out death –  Breathe in His life

Breathe out anxiety –  Breathe in His peace

Breathe out tension – Breathe in his gentleness


(Finish with a prayer thanking God for his breath of life)