Building Faith

This activity originally followed the talk “Doubting Thomas” but can be adapted to any talk on doubt or faith.

Resources Needed:

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Felt Tips
  • Craft materials (scissors, sellotape, tissue paper, card, glue etc – we keep a box of assorted craft items for people to use in activities like this, you can buy mixed craft bags from places like The Works, ASDA or Amazon)


Think of a time when your faith in Jesus grew stronger. What inspired that?

-A person and what they said to you or did for you?

-Something you read in the bible?

-Something you saw in creation?

-An experience you had?

Capture something of that memory. Write it down or draw it or build somethig which is a reminder for you.

You can either encourage people to bring their creations to display a table/wall at the front of the room or go around the tables asking people to explain what they have made/written. Either way it is helpful to allow people to see or hear and be inspired by the things that inspire others.