Catch the Jesus Bug


Resources Needed:

  • Easy cards- approx. 3 in total with different diseases/conditions, e.g. broken leg, written on them with a bullet pointed description of the symptoms,  (example below)
  • Medium cards- 1-2 e.g. Lockjaw
  • Hard cards- 1-2 e.g. Pica, the conditions chosen must be ones that can be acted out

Disease: Common Cold


  • Sore throat
  • runny nose
  • headache
  • cough

This prayer station requires acting. Ask the group to get into pairs. Then between them one must be the patient and the other a doctor. The patient picks up a card and pretends to be sick with the disease on the card. The symptoms are there to help them. The doctor must try and guess what the disease/condition is by asking the patient questions and studying the patient’s symptoms.

Ask the group to have a think about the symptoms in their lives that show that they have caught the Jesus bug. What symptoms do they have? Would it be obvious to others that they have the Jesus bug? Do they need to be reinfected?


Straight To Surgery

Resources Needed:

  • Cardboard cut outs in the shape of pieces from the game operation. The pieces are for the brain, heart, knee, waist and arm- see image
  • Kitchen tongs
  • Card rolled and cellotaped to balance your operation pieces on. This should be approx 7cm in height, 1.5cm in diameter.
  • A drawing on paper/banqueting roll of the man from the game operation- this needs to be approx. 1m in length
  • A timer

Ask your group: do you need to become more sick with the Jesus bug? This prayer station is the opposite of the game operation- instead of taking pieces out of the body, this station is about putting in the symptoms of the Jesus bug. To play the game you must put the parts back into the correct place on the body by carrying them into place and balancing them on top of the card tube using the tongs. (The tubes can be removed to make this task easier for children and those with poorer dexterity). To make this more exciting add a time limit suitable for your group e.g. 30 seconds- 1 minute and even give a prize to the quickest person.

Afterwards, ask the group to think about the servant heart, thinking of others brain, helping hand, kind to the knee-dy and share don’t waist parts that they put into the body. Do they need Jesus to put any of these symptoms into them?


Take Time Off Work

Resources Needed:

  • A place where people can reflect away from the other two stations
  • Bible extracts either bookmarked or provided on handouts
  • Music
  • Candles
  • Chairs

Does your congregation need to catch the Jesus bug? Are they no longer showing symptoms of a relationship with Jesus? This station is about spending time with the source of the virus Himself- Jesus. This station gives a group the opportunity to reflect on who Jesus is and why they would want to be like Him. Allow time for reading the Bible extracts about Jesus’ character, then spending time praying and connecting with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.