Discipling Children & Young People? 

Every generation of believers has to work out how they can help the next generation to become disciples of Jesus for themselves. While our church schools, collective worship and R.E. lessons can all be very good, how does what we speak of translate into their everyday, ordinary lives? And while parents – the undisputedly biggest […]

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

When God gives us a vision for a new Congregation, what do we do next? Getting started can be hard! There are, of course, lots of ways we could go about it, but here’s one way, taken from an excellent book by Will Mancini (called ‘God Dreams’): 1.   Start by picturing the long-term vision. Maybe God […]


What’s new on the Joshua Centre website?

Since launching this site at the beginning of October we’ve added new content every week and will continue to do so. So far we’ve added Two animated videos to help explain what a congregation is and how to start a new congregation. Ten blog posts from a wide range of practitioners Five stories of new […]

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Merry Christmas!

Looking back, what a year it has been! On the theme of “backwards”, here’s some Christmas fun from Andy Dykes who is leading Something New. Andy learned to sing “Driving Home for Christmas” backwards. We’re not quite sure why… Enjoy!

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Does Prayer Matter?

”The greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered, because they go unasked” – Mark Batterson Great movements of God begin with someone praying. God breathes His life into people, the impossible is birthed, the unexpected takes shape – everything changes. Prayer is the source of our spiritual life and power. But without […]

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Children and Family Resources

  Here is a wonderful range of resources recommended by Sue Mitchell our diocesan Children and Families Missioner. Baptism Maintaining contact with families after a baptism is crucial to supporting them in their on-going journey, providing opportunities to invite Baptism families to come along to is key to building relationships .This website provides a wealth […]


How’s your Core Strength?

I think there are four core values which are all absolutely crucial when pioneering a new congregation. They may seem obvious but I’ve seen too many new things lose their way by neglecting one or more.   Conveniently they spell the word “CORE”!