The Exam Hall

We don’t have to be perfect to pass the test.

Resources Needed:

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Room set up like an exam room – tables, chairs

Part 1: In the group, pick one person to be the examiner and one note for the class. Choose someone to start with the note. Then let the group sit down and try to pass the note around without the examiner finding it by all pretending to pass notes. When the examiner says “stop” hold your fists out and let them guess one person’s hand. Then play again with a new examiner.

Part 2: Write another note to pass on thanking Jesus for taking the test for you.


Stepping Out of Line

We can trust that walking in line with God is best for us, and He will support us.

Resources Needed:

  • Masking tape to make two straight lines on the floor
  • A lot of space!

Part 1: Ask your congregation to pair up with people who are roughly the same size. Then the two people must lean on each others shoulders, facing the same way, and move their feet away from each other.Ask them to try to walk forward staying outside of the lines.

Part 2: Get your group to think of an area in their lives that they struggle to trust God with. They should take time to pray and offer that area to God.

The Answer is ‘Yes’

Resources Needed:

  • Pipe cleaners

Part 1: Ask the group to take a pipe-cleaner and make it into the shape of something you want to offer to God in your life. Get them to talk to other people about it and ask about what they’re making.

Part 2: Get them to twist what they’ve made into a ‘y’ as a way of saying “yes” to God and giving Him whatever it is they have made.

Part 3: Ask them to pray for each other if they’d like God’s help in giving Him the thing they’ve made.