Chewing the Cud


  • Bibles
  • Pens and Plain Paper
  • Wafer/Rice Paper
  • Edible Ink Pens



Get the congregation to chew on the cud of God’s word in various different ways:

  1.  Pick a verse/ passage from the Bible and chew it over in their minds.
  2.  Pick a verse/ passage from the Bible and write/draw it on the plain paper. They should then take it home and put it somewhere where they will see it during the week so they will keep it in mind.
  3. Pick a verse from the Bible and memorise it. They should then ask someone to test them. Can they remember the verse next week?
  4. Pick a verse/ passage from the Bible and write it out on the wafer/rice paper using the edible ink pens. Then ask them to eat it, like a cow chewing the cud. As they eat it they should think about the verse and what it means for their life. This one works best if they also write a copy to take home as well.

This works well for many Bible passages, but we used it for Psalm 1.