Resources Needed:

Newspapers Scissors
Large roll of paper Pens/Felt Tips


Have a large roll of paper rolled out on a table or on the floor with a pile of newspapers and magazines (carefully vetted) around it. Explain to people that you are going to make a collage of things to praise God for. They can cut out pictures, words or phrases from the papers that remind them of something they want to praise God for and glue them to the large sheet of paper. Encourage people to write short prayers of praise around their images as well as just cutting and sticking.

Once it is done read out a few of the prayers and close with a prayer like the one below:

Father God, thank you for the amazing things that you do. Thank you that you are at work in our lives in so many different ways. Help us to see you in the everyday things and to remember to always bring you the praise that you deserve. Amen