Count The Cost – The Cost For Me

This station follows the talk “Count The Cost

Resources needed:

  • Gold/Silver Paper
  • Felt tip pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft materials (We have a box of assorted craft materials including stickers, various colours of card and paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners etc. which we bought very cheaply)


Today’s talk challenged us to count the cost of following Jesus – to live in a way that reflects him even when it costs us something. This station creates an opportunity for people to take that on board and think about one practical step that that they can take this week.

Tell everyone that you want people to make a coin (it’s really helpful to have one prepared in advance). Explain that you want them to decorate and then write on the back one thing that they are going to do for God or for someone else this week that will cost them something.

It can be
-something that costs them time, for example: spending time with an elderly relative who doesn’t get may visitors
-something that costs them their energy, for example: Offering to help someone with their gardening or decorating
-something that costs them money, for example being extra generous in some way.

Encourage them to keep their coin somewhere where they will see it regularly and it will remind them of their commitment for this week.