We help leaders learn to live and lead like Jesus, by practising three rhythms of personal development:

1. Weekly Prayer: We ask team members to pray for their congregations – once every week.
2. Monthly Training: We ask all leaders to attend six initial training sessions – once every month.
3. Learning Communities: We ask all teams to gather together for a retreat day – once every six months.


The monthly training sessions take place in St. James’ House (L1 7BY), starting with a meal together at 6:00pm, and finishing by 9:00pm. See below for 2019 session dates.

After the initial six months of training have been completed, they are replaced by monthly coaching with Incumbents, and quarterly reviews with the Joshua Centre Director.



Session Theme Term Date
Induction Introduction Autumn September 9th
One Lead Yourself Autumn October 14th
Two Lead A Mission Autumn November 11th
Three Lead Your Team Autumn December 9th
Four Lead A Movement Spring January 13th
Transition Learning Community Spring February 8th (All Day)

Future sessions (for next cohort) will happen on: Mon. 9th March // Mon. 20th April // Mon. 11th May // Mon. 8th June // Mon. 13th July // Sat. 8th August (All Day).


We are grateful to Frank Hinds (from Transforming Wigan) for coming up with the original ideas behind our approach to leadership development.