Doing Christmas Differently (Advent 3, Year C)

These stations follow on from the talk “Radical

Advent Conspiracy is a group that tries to take an alternative view of Christmas and they produce some great resources each year. These stations use their video and action points to help us to thing about how to live radically during Advent.

You can find their video here and show it as an introduction to the stations.

“Thank you”

Resources Needed:

  • Large roll of paper with the words “Thank you…” written or printed in the centre. This could be stuck up on a wall or on a table.
  • Speech bubble cut outs (in different colours).
  • Pritt stick or sticky tape
  • Felt Tip Pens
  • Alternatively you can get postits in the shape of speech bubbles.

Printed Instructions:

“This is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son…”

In Advent we celebrate God’s gift to us in Jesus and our first response should be one of thankfulness and worship. Write a short prayer of thanks on one of the speech bubbles and stick it to our prayer wall (you could even draw a picture of you for the speech bubble to come from!).

Take some time to read some of the things that other people have written and maybe add and “Amen!” next to their speech bubble if you agree.

“Spend Less Money, Give More Time”

Resources needed:

  • Plain white card to act as gift vouchers (A4 sheets cut into four strips would be the ideal size)
  • Felt tip pens
  • Optional: Extra craft resources for decoration (coloured card, stickers, stick on gems etc)

Printed instructions:

Giving presents is one way we show people that we value them. But it’s easy to slip into buying things for people because we feel like we have to. That can have a big effect on our stress levels as we try to find the perfect gift but also on our finances. Research shows that one in three people spend more money that they can afford to spend at Christmas and end up in debt.

Choosing to give our time instead can be a powerful way to show love.Why not give homemade “gift vouchers” this year to people that you love. For example, you could give “an afternoon at the park”, “a night in with a film and popcorn” or “a trip out to a museum or art gallery” – all ways of showing those we love that we value our relationship with them without spending a lot of money. This can be particularly important to people who live on their own or who are going through a difficult time.

Use the craft resources on the table to create your voucher.

“Love All”

Resources Needed:

  • Up to date information in the form of fliers/posters/printouts about local and national/international charities. Try and include plenty of things from people working in your area with the homeless or foodbanks.
  • Small pieces of card (business card/credit card sized)
  • Pens

Printed instructions:

When John the Baptist was asked by people what this radical lifestyle looked like he talked about feeding those who were hungry and clothing those who had no clothes, something that Jesus often taught about as well. Looking after those less fortunate than we are is an important part of what we are called to do too.

Spend some time looking through the information sheets at this table. Is there a project that you could support as an individual or as a group of friends or family either through financial help, volunteering time or donating some of your resources this Advent?

Decide on your own or as a group what project you would like to support and write down their details on one of the pieces of card. Put it in your purse or wallet where it will remind you to take some action this week.