Epiphany Gathering & Confession

Resources Needed:

  • Three boxes wrapped in wrapping paper each with a prayer stuck to it (see below)


Ask for three volunteers who don’t mind reading something out and bring them to the front giving each of them one of the boxes to hold whilst standing and facing the congregation.

Today is the first Sunday after Epiphany. During Epiphany the church remembers the baptism of Jesus, which we will look at in our talk later in the service, the wedding at Cana – which we will explore next week and also the visit of the Magi (sometimes called Kings or Wise Men) to Jesus which we’re going to think about as we start our service. Does anyone remember what the gifts that they brought with them were?

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

The bible doesn’t tell us the purpose of these gifts but does anyone know what do people traditionally believe that the gifts were meant to symbolise?

Gold – Jesus as King

Frankincense – Jesus as God

Myrrh – Jesus as a mortal (someone who would die)

As we come to worship today let’s use those three gifts as a reminder of who we are here to worship.

Prayer One:

Lord Jesus, the Magi brought you gold reminding us that you are King. Forgive us for the times when we have not made you king of our lives and have made other things king in your place.


Prayer Two:

Lord Jesus, the Magi brought you Frankincense, a reminder that you were not just a baby but God in human form. Help us to recognise who you really are again today.


Prayer Three:

Lord Jesus, the Magi brought you Myrrh, a gift that points us to your death. Thank you that you were willing to give up the privileges of heaven to serve us and to die for us.