Everything Changes – The Garden

Resources Needed:

  • Small Stones in a basket
  • Flowers/Potted Plants
  • Printed instructions


  • Lots of extra plants
  • Wood chips
  • Tarpaulin/Plastic sheets
  • Green sheets/cloth


This station helps people to think about Mary’s encounter with the risen Jesus in the garden outside the tomb. You could make it very simply with a couple vases of flowers or some potted plants arranged at a table. If you have a bit more time, you can create something a bit bigger.

There is a photo of the garden that we created for our Zone2 Easter service below.

Printed instructions:

On the morning of Easter Sunday Mary encountered Jesus in the garden outside the tomb. In a moment she moved from sadness to joy, from despair to hope, from death to life.

An encounter with the risen Jesus changes everything!

Take a few moments to sit quietly and ask Jesus to meet you here.

Pick up a small stone from the basket and take it away with you. Keep it somewhere where you will see it this week and where it will remind you that when you encounter the resurrected Jesus everything changes.