Resources Needed:

  • A selection of plain and coloured A4 Paper.
  • Felt tip pens.
  • Short lengths of bamboo cane (or other types of sticks) to use as flag poles (one for each person)
  • Sellotape


Explain that we often see flags waved at event where people are celebrating. For example there were thousands of people waving flags for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and also at the Olympics. You might also see flags at a football match or at the last night of the Proms.

Remind people that as Christians we believe that we have follow a God who is worth celebrating! You want them to spend some time making a flag to express some of the things that they are thankful to God for (friends, family, health, etc). They can do that by writing words or by drawing pictures. Once they’ve finished designing their flag they use the tape to attach their flag to their pole.

Invite two or three people (ideally a mix of older and younger people) to come up and share a little bit about what is on their flag.

Once they have done that explain to everyone that you’re going to wave your flags like you might at a celebration or at a sporting event to offer their thanks to God.

Give them a 3-2-1 countdown and go for it.
Conclude with a prayer of praise, or some verses of praise from the Psalms.