Following God is…

Not always easy!

Resources Needed:

  • Remote control cars/ beebots
  • A marked out route using masking tape (or a mat)


Get the congregation to give the remote control cars/ beebots some instructions to see what happens. Were they able to get the device to go where they wanted it to? If not, what did they need to do? Eventually, did it go where they wanted it to go?

Ask them then to reflect on their lives as a follower of Jesus. Did they always get it right? What happened when they got it wrong and they went off course? Is there anything that then can do to stay on track as a follower of Jesus?


Something that needs character

The breakfast on the beach scene before the fish have been added.

Resources Needed:

  • A toy boat
  • Fabric to look like sea and the beach
  • Cut out fishes
  • A copy of John 21 (optional)
  • Pens


Ask the congregation to reflect on John 21. Jesus is spending time with His disciples. Have them look at the scene you have created and visualise themselves somewhere in it.

What can they see? Who can they see?

What can they hear?

What can they smell?

Afterwards, ask them to then take out a fish and write down/draw their thoughts on it. They should then add it to the display. Finally ask them to contemplate the following: Do my friends, family and colleagues see me as a follower of Jesus?