From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Resources Needed:

  • playing cards for David and his 7 brothers with categories e.g. strength, height, family status, wealth, chosen by God and scores e.g. out of 100 (make sure that David has the winning score for chosen by God but low scores for the other categories). This game works best in small groups e.g. 2-4 people with 1 set but can be played with many duplicate sets.
Playing cards for Eliab, Abinadab, Shammah, Shimea, Ozem, Nethanel, Raddai and David.


Share out the cards between the group. Then choose someone to go first, perhaps the youngest player. This player chooses the category on their top card which they think has the highest score. Then the other player/s answer the score for that category on their

top cards. The player with the highest score takes the cards from the other player/s. They are then the person who is able to choose the category for their next top card.

After the group has played the game, get them to look at all the cards and to think about who is ordinary and extraordinary. Look particularly at David’s card compared to his brothers. What does this say about who God chooses?