Full To The Brim – Our Part

This station was used after the talk “Full To The Brim

Resources Needed:

  • Jugs of water
  • Wine glasses (plastic/paper cups will do just as well!)
  • Paper & Pens


Print the following instructions:

In our passage today, Jesus tells the servants to bring the big jugs of water to him, which he then turns into wine! This shows that we can work with God by playing our own small, simple role in his amazing plans.

If we each have a part to play, what small action can you take to start something off with God? This could be anything: visiting somebody, using a talent, speaking to someone new or simply trying something new.

Pour water into a glass as a symbolic offering of bringing your “water” to God ready for him to do something with it.

If you like, write a short prayer to go with it.