Full To The Brim – The Chocolate Game

This station was used after the talk “Full To The Brim

It was great fun having plenty of chocolate to remind us of the wedding with plenty of wine but we limited the game to half of the time allocated for prayer stations so that people playing had a chance to try something else!

Resources Needed

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Coat
  • Knife and fork
  • A large bar of chocolate
  • Dice

People often feel that God is something of a party pooper but the passage read this morning paints a very different picture. God is a God who celebrates joyfully – a God who celebrates with excess. It is in the nature of God to lavish his love on us, to bless us abundantly, and to fill our lives ‘to the brim’ with joy and laughter. So let’s enjoy that together this morning!The Chocolate Game:Players sit round in a circle and take it in turns to roll the dice. When someone rolls a six they must put on all the items of winter clothing and make a start on the bar of chocolate bar in the middle of the circle using the knife and fork – No fingers please! Whilst they are getting their outfit on the rest of the group continue rolling the dice. As soon as a six is rolled again the person who rolled it must swap places with the person in the middle no matter where they are up to.