Get Specific

Resources needed:

  • Get Specific Sheets (see below)
  • Pens


Explain that when we pray is good sometimes to be specific. What are we asking God to do? This isn’t because he doesn’t know what to do, but it helps us to enter more into the prayer.

Each table will be given the opportunity to help our intercessions be more focussed and specific about an issue or news story. They will be given a sheet with the issue they are thinking about at the top. We want them to come up with at least one and at most three specific prayer points about that issue (you may find it helpful to give an example for people as you explain this). Encourage adults on the tables to explain a little about the topic to children who may not know about it.

Print the following text, with the topics you’d like each table to pray for added in advance, so that there is one sheet per table and each table has something different to pray for.


Help us all to pray for

Insert issue or news story to pray for here

Together decide some specific things to include as we pray:


By way of example we gave out the following topics for people to pray for:

  • Greece and the European Union
  • Our own government & economy
  • People in prison
  • People who are unemployed and seeking work
  • University Students in Liverpool
  • Schools
  • Those who are elderly or housebound

Allow a few minutes for people to discuss their topic before going around each of the tables to hear their three points.

-Pause to pray for the issues raised by each table before moving on to the next.

-Finish with the Lord ’s Prayer.