Get Started

 We know that you want to see a Bigger Church making a Bigger Difference. Which will mean making sure the church is close to everyone across our diocese. Whenever the best way to do that might be through starting a new congregation, we're here to support you in that. So that together we can ensure everyone is within touching distance of the body of Christ, geographically and culturally.

That’s going to need lots of new congregations. Some started in our existing buildings and some in other places. Some meeting on Sundays and some at other times. Across all of our styles and traditions.

We need every way to reach everyone. So, how might God be preparing your parish to be part of that? This part of the website will explain more about what that may mean for you and some of the ways in which we would love to work with you.

I am convinced that the royal road to church growth, across the whole diversity of our Church of England,

is the multiplication of congregations within our neighbourhoods and networks.

Bishop Paul Bayes