Get Started

If we want to see a Bigger Church which is making a Bigger Difference, some of us will have to do some things differently.
This will involve creating new Congregations, which are culturally closer to the different groups of people in our Diocese.

These new Congregations will need to happen:

  • In our existing buildings, and in other places
  • On Sundays, and on other days
  • Within all of our church traditions, and across all of our diverse worship styles.

Even now, God might be preparing people in your Parish to start one of these new Congregations, in order to reach a whole new group of people.
This part of the website explains what that might look like, and how the Joshua Centre can help you. Please read on, and please get involved!

"I am convinced that the road to church growth, across the Church of England,   

is the multiplication of Congregations within our neighbourhoods and networks."

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool