God is Bigger

Resources Needed:

  • String
  • Signs pointing out historical events e.g. the birth of the universe, the Stone Age, the Ice Age, the Bronze Age, building of the pyramids, the birth of Christ, the fall of the Roman Empire, the battle of 1066, World War 1 etc.


Measure the string so that 1cm=10 years

Put up the signs so that they label the huge timeline following the scale above. This can either be set up attached to the wall or run along the floor. We used the internet to research the dates to work out the total string length. You need quite a lot of space for this prayer station but it is well worth it.

Ask the congregation to look at the timeline. How much of the string does their life take up? Ask them to think about if they were there at the start of the universe? What does the timeline mean for how they understand who God is? Ask them to reflect on how God is bigger than all our problems that seem insignificant compared to all of time.