God making a home with us

Resources Needed:

  • Images of different ideal homes, e.g. a mansion, a country cottage
  • Eggs (uncooked) – 1 per group
  • Newspaper for each table
  • String for each table
  • Cellotape for each table
  • A flip-chart and pen
  • An image of a key

Ask the congregation about what the top things are that they want from a home. Show them the images and ask them to vote for which is their favourite home.

Then get the congregation to make a home for their uncooked egg. Their home will receive points out of 10 for beauty and for how well it protects the egg when it is dropped from a height. Give the congregation approximately 10 minutes to draw a face on their eggs, name them and use the listed materials above to create a home for their eggs. Write up the scores on the flip-chart.

Next read out  John 15:9-17.  We used the message version. Highlight all the mentions of home in one colour and then highlight all the mentions of love in another colour.

Summary of the talk:

  • We need to make ourselves at home in the love of Jesus.
  • We can remain in His love by obeying Jesus to love each other.
  • Show the key image- The key to making our home with Jesus is to know that we are loved and that making our home in Jesus is so much better than our earthly home.