Hand of Prayer

Resources Needed:

  • Picture of a hand- this should be an outline so people can write inside the digits (optional)
  • Pens (optional)

Each digit of the hand is associated with a different group that the congregation will pray for. Ask the congregation to either write down who they would like to pray for on the hand picture or to just pray during the silence after each digit is mentioned.

The thumb represents friends and family. The index finger represents those who guide and teach us e.g. mentors, school teachers, church leaders. The middle finger represents those who are in authority over us e.g. world leaders. The ring finger represents those who are weak and in need. You could pray for those who are sick, lonely, broken hearted, without food or a home. The little finger represents yourself.

After the five categories have been prayed for then close in prayer using the 5 categories to help you pray.