How Far?

Resources Needed:

  • PowerPoint slides


This is a guessing game. Ask the congregation a series of questions about how far it is from their church to certain destinations. For example we asked how far is it from Liverpool Cathedral to Warrington; Liverpool Cathedral to Westminster Cathedral; then the Eiffel Tower; Sydney Opera House; the Moon; the Sun and finally heaven. On the slides we displayed an image of our church, then an image of one of the destinations, followed by the distance in miles. This should come up after you have asked the congregation to guess the distance.

The answer for heaven is… only a prayer away. Heaven is much closer than you think. God promises to be close to us and never leave us. God promises to make his home with us when we love Jesus and obey His teachings (John 14:23). God is closer than … [insert name of place here]. Heaven is only a prayer away.