Humble Faith – Just Like Me

This station was used after the talk “Humble Faith

Resources needed:

Enough “Just Like Me?” sheets for everyone (see questions below) Pens
Optional: A prize for the winner


Explain that the “Just Like Me?” sheets have a list of characteristics. The challenge is to find someone who fits that description and get their signature.
BUT only signature is allowed from anyone even if they could tick more than one box. And you cannot sign the sheet yourself.

The winner is the first person with a completed list.

Copy the following text into a Word document and print as many copies as you’ll need for each member of your congregation. Remember to leave a space below each one of the items on the list for people to collect a signature.

Just Like Me?

Find one person for each of the statements below and get them to sign your sheet. You can only have one person sign for one thing!

  • Someone who is taller than me
  • Someone who is shorter than me
  • Someone who has longer hair than I do
  • Someone who has the same eye colour as me
  • Someone who likes the same sports as I do
  • Someone who likes books
  • Someone who likes films
  • Someone who enjoys baking
  • Someone who doesn’t like broccoli
  • Someone who likes sprouts

Each of us are unique. None of us like or dislike all of the same things. Some of us have different skills and abilities. Being humble means recognising that people who are different to us are just as important as we are!