Jesus Heals The Blind Beggar – Thankful

This station was used after the talk “Jesus Heals The Blind Beggar

Resources Needed:

  • Table covered in paper/banqueting roll
  • Pens, felt tips, pencils etc


In the passage that we read today, Bartimaeus was healed by Jesus. He could see for the first time! It would have changed his life completely. But rather than go and get on with doing all of the things that he’d been missing out on for years Bartimaeus was so grateful that he chose to follow Jesus.

What things has Jesus done for you that you are thankful for?

On the sheet of paper covering this table, write or draw something that you are thankful to God for. It could be a person or an answer to prayer that you have experienced.

Spend some time looking at the things that other people have written and drawn.

If you have a camera-phone why not take a picture of this table. It could be the thing that you are thankful for or of the whole page of things that other people are thankful for. Then set is as your background for a week to remind you to be thankful.