Jesus, Peter and the Waves

Out of Control

The disciples struggled against the wind. Likewise our world struggles with the important tasks that it faces.

Resources Needed: 

  • Straws
  • A Table Tennis Ball
  • Table
  • Electric Fan

Part 1: Ask the congregation to take a straw each. Then switch on the electric fan. One person at a time should take the table tennis ball and try to blow it from one side of the table off the other side. They need to blow towards the fan so they are blowing against the air flow.

Part 2: Ask the group to pick an area in their life, or the world, in which it feels like there’s a struggle against the wind. Ask them to offer the area to God in prayer.


Out of This World

Catching a vision of Jesus is the start of seeing change. 

Resources Needed:

  • Pens
  • A piece of flip chart paper stuck to the wall saying – Who is Jesus? It should have Jesus written with space in the middle of the letter so people can write inside the letters.
  • Computer/ device playing the video ‘That’s my King’- a reading of the famous sermon “Seven Way King” spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge:

Part 1: Ask the group to watch the video ‘That’s my King’ and pick a striking word/phrase from the video which describes Jesus.

Part 2:  Ask them to pick up a pen and to write their word inside the letters that spell Jesus. They shouldn’t worry if someone has already written their word/ phrase. Ask them to spend some time reading some of the other words/phrases that struck others and think about the question: “Who is this man?”

Out of Your Mind

Peter Decided to be a Fool for Jesus

Part 1: Ask your group to make a fool of themselves by going up to someone and starting a conversation with them without showing your teeth at any point! If they dare get them to pick someone who isn’t at the prayer station.

Part 2: Ask them what area of their lives God might be calling them to make a fool of themselves in for Him.