Jesus Sends Out The 12 Disciples

Resources Needed:

  • An advert that you really like that you can show on a laptop/ projector
  • Some everyday items that the different groups could make an advert for e.g. after shave, chocolate, a cheese slice

Play your favourite advert- talk about what you like about it. Ask the congregation to make an advert for the item each group has been given. It should be between 10 and 15 seconds. As many people in the group as they like can be in the advert but the advert must have a slogan.

Summary of the Talk:

  • Adverts have happy, clever, sophisticated, successful, famous people in them.
  • Read the passage Luke 9: 1-6. We used the NLT.
  • Jesus is advertising his brand new product in the passage- the kingdom of God, using the disciples.
  • The product is full of joy (happy), Jesus teaching is so clever (clever), the kingdom of God is never ending (successful), Jesus described it as a banquet (sophisticated) and it’s Jesus’ kingdom- the most famous person who has ever lived.
  • Jesus uses a team who are uneducated, unheard of people, who are not meant to take anything and  will be rejected by people. Jesus uses ordinary people to advertised the greatest gift ever given.
  • Therefore it’s ok if you find it hard to say what you believe, if you’re unsuccessful, if you think you’re unimportant, if you feel that you haven’t got everything together.
  • Advent- Jesus came to earth as an ordinary baby to a nowhere place to an unknown woman because God is interested in ordinary people like you and me.
  • Jesus offers you a place in the kingdom of heaven and asks you to offer it to others as well.