The Leaders’ Retreat

In September 2018 the Joshua Centre hosted 23 people for a weekend retreat at Rydal Hall in Ambleside, with the main leaders of 8 of our new partner Congregations represented in that number.



The aim of the retreat was to say ‘thank you’ to these leaders for their hard work and commitment in not only getting their new Congregations started, but also in leading their teams throughout the year.

Our desire was to treat them with some  good times of worship, some quality biblical reflections and, most importantly of all, some personal time and space in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of food!

We paid for the costs of the Retreat for each of the leaders who were able to come, and many also brought their Spouses along also (who sadly had to pay for themselves!).

Here are some of the feedback comments from those who attended:


‘Best retreat I’ve ever been on’

‘Quality teaching and time to digest it’

‘Time for personal reflection and time to enjoy God and others’

‘Came away with well fed mind, body and soul’

‘Truly refreshing weekend’

‘Lessons learnt, love, laughter and Jesus at the centre’

‘High quality worship’

‘A gift to gather like this’


We aim to have a similar weekend retreat for all of our main Congregation leaders (and their Spouses) each year. In fact, the next one is already booked for 1st-3rd November 2019, again at Rydal Hall.

So, if you are a leader of one of our partner Congregations, please save that date, and we shall look forward to seeing you there!