Items Needed:

  • Video camera (most digital cameras will work perfectly well for this in video mode)
  • Video editing software (Windows movie maker or iMovie)
  • A Car


This call to worship takes a bit of preparation but can be really effective and once prepared can be used more than again.

Video a journey to your church/meeting place. Make sure you pass by plenty of locations that people will recognise. In your video editor speed the video up so that the whole journey takes only a minute or two. Add some upbeat music in the background. Finish the video with the arrival at the church and the word “STOP” on the screen and sudden silence in the music.

Use the words below, or something similar to encourage people to allow themselves to be still as they prepare to worship:

We live in a frantic world.
So much to do.
So many distractions.
Meeting as the church easily become just one more of the many things “to do”. Stop!

Be still for a moment. Invite God to speak to you today and to refresh you in the middle of life’s busyness.

Pause for a few moments of silence then conclude with a pray inviting God’s presence to fill the worship.