Resources needed:

Three things to juggle (juggling balls, oranges, apples etc)

A fourth, differently shaped object


Can anyone here juggle?

You could either have a go at juggling for yourself or pick a volunteer to have a go. Once you’ve managed to get three items on the go try adding a fourth differently shaped object.

For most of us life often feels like a juggling act. We have so many different things to think about – work, shopping, school, homework, friends, cooking, etc. We get into a routine where we can just about keep everything in the air and then, suddenly, something we weren’t expecting gets chucked into the middle and there is no way we can keep everything neatly in the air.

This morning is a chance for us to stop, to put those things down.

Place the things you were trying to juggle down on a table in front of you and pause

As we gather together we can place all the things we feel like we have to keep going into God’s hands and say “for this next hour I am not going to juggle, this is our time, me and you, us and you”


Lord, as we come to worship you this morning we place into your hands the many things we juggle in life.

Our responsibilities.

Our plans.

Our hopes and plans.

Our fears

Our failures and successes.

The sins we have committed and still carry

We give them to you. Help us to still our hearts and our minds. This is our time with you. Amen.