Listen And Do – Love Your Neighbour?

This station was used after the talk “Listen & Do

Resources Needed:

  • Blank greetings cards – you can buy plain cards from crafts shops
  • Pens/Felt Tips
  • Craft materials – glue, tissue paper, scissors etc

Printed Instructions:

When explaining the most important commandment Jesus was asked “Who is my neighbour?

Who is your neighbour?
It isn’t just the person who lives next door.

It might be a friend from school or work, it might be someone you see every day but don’t really notice, it could even be someone on the other side of the world who has none of the good things that you have.

Take some time to write a card for your “neighbour”. You could let them know that you are thinking of them or praying for them or even invite them to come round for a meal or a cup of coffee.