Losing The Race – Gold Medal

This station was used after the talks “Losing The Race


Resources Needed:

  • Craft materials (Scissors, glue etc)
  • Card
  • Gold paper/tissue paper
  • Printed pictures of gold medal winners from London 2012 (Google “Team GB London 2012”)


For most professional athletes the ultimate goal is an Olympic gold medal. We’ve got a few pictures of some of Team GB winners from London 2012 on the wall.

But imagine that Mo Farah or Jess Ennis had trained for all that time and then at the last minute but then at the last moment stepped aside and allowed someone else to win!

Jesus’ challenge for us is to put others first. To be less concerned with winning for ourselves and more concerned with helping others.

Make a gold medal from the craft resources on the table and then give it away to someone else!