Mary & Gabriel – The Annunciation

This station follows the talk “Mary & Gabriel

Resources needed:

  • Printed pictures of the annunciation (You can find these by googling “the annunciation” Try to get a mix of styles – a search for “the annunciation contemporary” brings up some more modern pictures)
  • Paper Felt tips/Colouring pencils
  • Optional: Tissue Paper, Scissors, Glue etc


Print and cut out a few different images of the annunciation showing the story from different perspectives. Stick these pictures up around the table where the station is based.

Print out two or three copies of the following instructions and stick them up where they can be easily read around or on the table:

There are lots of different pictures of how people imagine Gabriel told Mary the news that she was pregnant with Jesus.

What do you think it would have been like?

How would Gabriel have broken the news?

How would Mary have responded?

Create a picture that tells a little more about how you think it happened. Include the parts of the passage spoke to you the most. Use words to help if you want.