Meeting with Jesus

The Bible

Resources Needed: 

  • Laptop/ projector or printed versions of the quiz
  • Bible or babble quiz

We can meet Jesus through the bible.

Part 1: Ask your congregation to decide for each ‘verse’ whether it is from the Bible or it is something that you have made up yourself – babble. This works best with about 10 questions. The proportion of Bible to babble is up to you. Make sure to have an answer sheet telling people where in the Bible the verses are from if you are giving out a printed quiz. You can add the answers to the slides if you are using a computer.

Part 2: Get your group to ask someone about their favourite bible verse/story or a verse that God has spoken to them through. How has God met with them through the Bible?



Resources Needed: 

  • Bread
  • Printed Bible verses/ words of encouragement in a bowl

E.g. Isaiah 53:5, John 6:33-35, Matthew 26:26-28

We can meet Jesus through Communion.

Part 1: Ask your group to tear off a chewy piece of bread and have a good chew on it. Ask them to think about how Jesus meets with us through Communion.

Part 2: Then, have them chew over one of the pieces of paper from the bowl.