The Nomination Categories for The Joshua Centre Awards are.....


Most creative leader

   Contributes inspirational and energising new ideas to the team, which help us to take positive steps forwards in mission


Most resilient leader

   Remains consistent and steadfast in his/her language and behaviour, even in the face of great pressure and challenges


Most compassionate leader

   Sees those who are struggling the most and moves towards them in love and solidarity, bringing comfort and reassurance


Most generous leader

    Joyfully gives away whatever he/she has, to whoever needs it the most, without a trace of either hesitation or resentment


Most diligent leader

     Prepares thoroughly for whatever he/she is responsible for delivering, and helps others to deliver the best they can as well


Most cooperative leader

     Ensures that every voice in the room is heard in discussions, and looks beyond their own needs towards the greater good


Most teachable leader

   Engages well with the available ideas, resources and suggestions, and enthusiastically recommends the best of them to others


Most joyful leader

   Lifts the mood in any room they walk in to with their cheerful presence, their boundless energy and their faith-filled optimism


Most coherent leadership team

   Create rhythms and structures of mission, fellowship and worship which give room for everyone to bring their best contributions


Most supportive Incumbent

   Shows a consistent interest in the well-being of others, advocates on their behalf and shields them from any avoidable aggravation