Mission – What Next?

The station follows the talk “Mission

Resources Needed:

Paper luggage tags Pens


This station is about giving people the opportunity to think about how they apply the things they have heard to their everyday lives. We used luggage tags as they were easy for people to take home and tie somewhere where they would see them throughout the week but you could swap these for fridge magnets or door hangers or whatever you think would work.

You need to explain to people that they should do this station last (i.e: after they have visited all the others!) and that they should have the tag and a pen with them for the second half of the talk.


Do this station only after you’ve looked at the other stations!!

What have you learnt today?
What is your mission?
What things make you so angry or sad that you want to make a difference? What skills do you have that God could use?

Write your ideas on one side of the tag. If you still aren’t sure (and it’s fine if you aren’t!) then write a short prayer asking God to help you to understand what He wants you to do!

Keep the tag and a pen with you during the talk to write down any practical ideas that you find useful and then tie the tag somewhere that you will see it regularly this week.