New Year Expectations Activity

The station follows the talk “New Year Expectations

This craft based activity looking at our new year expectations is best done at the table that people are sat at for the whole service rather than as separate stations – this means that you will have the activity being repeated on every table around the room. However if you wanted to these activities could be split into three separate prayer stations.

Resources Needed:

One large sheet of paper per table
Two sheets of Green Paper/Card per table
Two sheets Blue Paper/Card per table
Enough mirror roll for each person to have an A6 size piece (or shiny silver paper/thick tin foil. You can usually find mirror roll on Amazon or eBay by searching for “Mirror Roll”
Pens, Felt Tips, Scissors, Glue sticks


Each table is given a large sheet of paper on which to create three things – one as a whole group and two as individuals.

As a group they need to create a map of the world. Either a flat map or 3D globe. Around the map the group write their hopes, dreams and prayers for our world in the new year.
Encourage them to think about the places that most need God’s peace and restoration and also places they are particularly thankful for?

Individually – Encourage those taking part to have a go at one or both of the following

Hands: Draw around you hand so that the outline is on the paper. What burden’s have you carried this last year that you would like to leave in God’s hands in the year come? Write these prayers inside the outline of the hand.

Mirrors: Use the mirror film to create a small mirror to stick on the large sheet of paper, creating a frame around the mirror. Ask them to think about what they would like to see God do in their lives and the lives of their friends and family this year. Write those prayers below the mirror.

As people are finishing off draw things together with a prayer offering all of the things that people have thought of to God.