One Big Family

Resources Needed:

  • A small piece of paper for each person
  • A pen each

Ask each person to write down their date of birth in full on their piece of paper. Then ask them to mingle with the rest of the congregation to find someone else in the congregation who has the same date as their birthday, another person born in the same month and another person born in the same year. The catch is that any of the three people cannot be a family member.

After a few minutes ask the congregation if anyone managed to find three people who share the parts of their birthday. Did any find two, one or no people at all who shared any of their birthday?

Tell them the catch… everyone cheated at the game because we may not all be blood relatives, but we are all a part of the family of God. We are all related through Jesus!

Lead into worship in prayer e.g.:

Let’s come before God together as members of the same family- parts of the body of Christ, loved and accepted by Jesus. Thank you Jesus for uniting us with the Father so we can all be children of God. Thank you that we are adopted into Your family by grace and have a place where we belong and are eternally loved. Amen.